Charity Anastasio

American Immigration Lawyers Association

Charity Anastasio is a Practice Management Advisor for the American Immigration Lawyers Association’s Practice & Professionalism Center. She was a solo lawyer in private practice for five years, before joining the Washington State Bar Association in 2013. In 2015, she became the director of the Maryland State Bar Association’s Law Office Management Assistance Program. She joined AILA in 2018. Charity advises members on ethics and practice management issues through frequent one-on-one consultations, open office hours, publications, and presentations. She is in leadership at the ABA Law Practice Division and was a speaker for the ABA TECHSHOW 2019. She is proud to help dedicated immigration lawyers be the champions of justice they were always meant to be. Find her on Twitter @charityanas.

My Sessions

Paperless 3.0: Making Your Paperless Workflow Work

Grand Ballroom A

Now that your law firm has jumped on the paperless bandwagon, how do you improve your system to keep it alive and well? This session will highlight some of the challenges and provide solutions for maintaining a paperless system, including file retention methods and the benefits of utilizing the PDF format. Sponsored by:

Core Concepts

How to Create + Run a Virtual Law Practice

Columbus CD

Clients are demanding convenience and lawyers are craving balance. Virtual law practice improves the client experience, significantly reduces your overhead, and provides lawyers unparalleled flexibility.  Leave the file folders, mahogany desks, and inefficiencies behind. These tips will help you to best manage your clients, cases, and costs virtually.

Recession Proof