Editorial Reference and Branding Guidelines

1. ABA TECHSHOW should always be spelled with all caps, and with ABA in front.


Incorrect: TECHSHOW / Techshow / TechShow / Tech Show


2. When the year is used to refer to ABA TECHSHOW, it should be placed after the full name of the Conference.

Correct: ABA TECHSHOW 2024

Incorrect: 2023 ABA TECHSHOW


3. When referring to the ABA TECHSHOW EXPO, the word “EXPO” should also be in all caps.


Incorrect: ABA TECHSHOW Expo


4. Use the registered trademark symbol (®), superscripted if possible, the first time ABA TECHSHOW is used in a written piece. Subsequent references in the same piece can simply refer to the name as ABA TECHSHOW.

Preferred: ABA TECHSHOW®

Acceptable: ABA TECHSHOW®


5. ABA TECHSHOW’s unofficial “tagline” is “Bringing Lawyers & Technology Together.” Please use when appropriate.


6. ABA TECHSHOW Website address: The preferred Web site label for the Conference is www.techshow.com (with or without the highlighting or underlining, depending on the style of the piece).


7. ABA TECHSHOW’s twitter handle is @ABATECHSHOW and the hashtag is #ABATECHSHOW. When tweeting about the Conference, please use when appropriate.


8. Please refer to ABA TECHSHOW as a “Conference and EXPO,” or one of the two as circumstances warrant. In any formal communications, please do not refer to ABA TECHSHOW as the “show.”


9. ABA TECHSHOW is presented by the ABA Law Practice Division. When referring to the Conference for the first time, or to an unfamiliar audience, it may be appropriate to add the phrase, “presented by the ABA Law Practice Division.” Below are other guidelines for referring to the Division.

Correct: ABA Law Practice Division

Correct: ABA Law Practice Division (LP) with subsequent references to LP

Incorrect: ABA Law Practice Division (LPD)