Olivia Vizachero

The Less Stressed Lawyer

Olivia Vizachero, a former BigLaw commercial litigator and criminal defense attorney, runs The Less Stressed Lawyer, a boutique life coaching practice for lawyers. As a Certified Life Coach, she works with lawyers who are over the overwhelm and want to live lives with less stress and far more fulfillment by teaching them how to manage their mindset and make themselves and their well-being their top priority. As a result of coaching with her, Olivia’s clients learn how to manage their time, set boundaries, stop people pleasing, overcome perfectionism, take more action, become more intentional, achieve their goals, develop business consistently, improve their professional and personal relationships, and, most importantly, feel better day in and day out.

Olivia is also the host of The Less Stressed Lawyer Podcast. She co-authored a pandemic anthology titled #Networked with 19 other women lawyers. #Networked, which hit #1 on Amazon’s New Release charts, tells the story of how these 20 women came together in March 2020 an overcame the confines of COVID-19 social distancing to create connections, cultivate community, and build businesses in the midst of a global pandemic. Before launching her coaching practice Ms. Vizachero worked as a complex commercial litigation associate at Michigan’s largest AmLaw 200 firm and as a criminal defense attorney at a boutique criminal defense firm.

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The Must-Have Mindset for Implementing Legal Tech

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So many attorneys know they “should” implement legal tech solutions into their practices, but they struggle to do so. Why? It’s simple. They have mindset blocks when it comes to implementing technology. To actually take advantage of the tech solutions on the market, attorneys must cultivate the mindset necessary for making changes, learning new methods […]

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Social Media Marketing: Strategy & Mindset

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At this point, most legal professionals know they should have a social media presence, but how many legal professionals understand the hows and whys of social media? Here’s the hard truth: it is not enough to post on social media daily. You must understand how the different platforms work and develop a clear, consistent strategy […]

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