The Must-Have Mindset for Implementing Legal Tech

Grand K

So many attorneys know they “should” implement legal tech solutions into their practices, but they struggle to do so. Why? It’s simple. They have mindset blocks when it comes to implementing technology. To actually take advantage of the tech solutions on the market, attorneys must cultivate the mindset necessary for making changes, learning new methods for completing tasks, and exercising patience as they bridge the learning curve of implementing the tech they choose. This presentation is going to be the primer all TECHSHOW attendees will want to attend in order to ensure they return home with the knowledge they need to take advantage of all that ABA TECHSHOW has to offer. Instead of attending, telling themselves “I should do that” and then returning home and going back to the status quo, this presentation will help lawyers understand why they are slow to implement technology, how to make decisions on which changes to make, and then how exactly to make those changes and move forward into the future.

Automation LPM