Tim O’Brien

Eighty 20 Partners

Tim O’Brien is the Founder and Managing Principal of Eighty 20 Partners, a company that advises small law firms and legal tech start-ups on management strategies. With decades of experience across a variety of sectors, including big and small law firms, government, non-profit, and global legal services providers, Tim is able to see varying perspectives and adapt his approach based on an organization’s unique needs. He particularly enjoys working with lawyers in small law firms, getting them to embrace strategic changes that relieve their administrative load and increase their productivity and profitability.

He has advised varying types and sizes of organizations from Fortune 500 companies to solo law firms on the most direct pathways to create and reimagine end-to-end processes that realign execution with organizational goals and refocus teams on more strategic or revenue-generating activities. Tim has a BS in Business Administration from Marquette University, a JD from University of Illinois at Chicago Law School, and an MBA from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. He lives outside Chicago with his wife and three sons.

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