Alexander Paykin


Since emigrating from Russia in 1989, Mr. Paykin has lived in multiple countries, owned multiple successful businesses in the financial and IT worlds, and now acts as Managing Director and sole owner of his own firm, The Law Office of Alexander Paykin, P.C. (www.paykinlaw.net), while also operating a technology consultancy catering to law firms and other professionals, a real estate brokerage and a real estate holding company.  His diverse life experiences have helped him to understand different mentalities, cultures, and points of view, making him an effective advocate for many complex issues.  Mr. Paykin’s firm is modeled as a high-tech client-centered law firm, focusing on delivering efficient services in litigation and complex transactions relating to business/commerce, finance, and real estate.

Mr. Paykin also strongly believes in vocational services to give back to his profession. On the national level, he serves on the ABA GPSolo Technology & Resource Center Committee, the ABA LPD Legal Technology Resource Center Board, the Productivity & Knowledge Strategy Committee, and Legal Project Management Committee, as well as the Pro Bono & Public Service Committee and the TechShow Board.  On the state level, he also serves as Chair of the Committee on Technology and the Legal Profession, with the New York State Bar Association (NYSBA), where he is also a member of the Committee on Law Practice and Court Rules, the Committee on Civil Practice Law and Rules (CPLR), the Law Practice Management Committee and the Committee on Law, Youth and Citizenship.

Mr. Paykin knows and understands the value of hard work and prioritizes giving back to his community whenever he can.  He sits on three 501(c)(3) non-profit boards, including a veterans’ needs charity called General Needs, a domestic violence shelter network called Brighter Tomorrows where he serves as Secretary of the Board and a community improvement charity known as the Commack-Kings Park Charitable Fund where he previously served two terms as President of the Board and is now serving a second non-consecutive term as Vice-President.

My Sessions

Ethical Use of Law Office Technology

Grand L

This session is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the ethical considerations and best practices associated with the adoption and use of technology in law offices, consistent with the Model Rules of Professional Conduct, including Rule 1.1 (Competence), Rule 1.4 (Communication), Rule 1.6 (Confidentiality) and Rule 5.3 (Non-Lawyer Assistance). The program will provide practical […]


Optimizing your firm with free and low-cost solutions

Grand J

Unlock the potential of your small firm by harnessing cost-efficient software solutions. We’ll guide you through the world of free and low-cost software, including open-source options, enabling you to supercharge your firm’s efficiency, deliver exceptional client experiences, and maximize productivity without breaking the bank. We’ll also discuss the risks and pitfalls in open-source software and […]

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