Winning Trials with TrialPad, Part 1: “Prepare”

Grand I

See why the iPad has become successful litigators’ go-to tool for trial preparation and presentation. In this two-part series, you will see how to use Apple’s magical device for your next case, learn what apps and equipment you need and pick up great tips to make you an iMaster in the courtroom. In Part 1: “Prepare”, you’ll learn how to organize your evidence, summarize transcripts, and prepare for effectively presenting information to your audience. We will review uses cases for exhibit and video conversion, content generation, and having your entire case file ready to search and review in DocReviewPad, and TranscriptPad. In Part 2: “Present”, you’ll learn how to pull everything together to create compelling slides in PowerPoint and Keynote, and create dynamic evidentiary presentations with TrialPad, all while using wireless presentation techniques, video editing tools, timelines, maps, and more. If you’re in litigation and the business of persuading others, come hear all about the latest iTechnologies that enable top litigators to be smooth, confident, and effective in the courtroom.