Super Powered Admins for Lawyers with Lori Gonzalez

Lori Gonzalez, founder of Rayna Corp., knows more than a thing or two about supporting lawyers. Her business’s purpose is to bring admin superpowers to law firms around the country. At Clio Con 2019, Lori spoke about utilizing administrative superpowers to make your practice better. In this episode, she visited with Megan to talk about her presentation and what a super powered admin can do for any solo or small firm lawyer.

Listen to the interview here.

Megan Zavieh, ZaviehLaw

Megan Zavieh focuses her practice exclusively on attorney ethics, representing attorneys facing State Bar disciplinary action, providing guidance to practicing attorneys, podcasting about legal ethics on Lawyers Gone Ethical, and writing about ethics at and her own blog


Lori Gonzalez, The RayNa Corporation

Lori Gonzalez is legal tech lover, process nerd and promoter of access to justice. She founded The RayNa Corporation, a company designed to assist lawyers with finding lost time – both efficiency and true work-life balance. She focuses her energy on testing, using and improving legal tech, as well as, process and efficiency improvement. She is a frequent speaker at state and local bar associations, presents at national conferences and facilitates staff trainings for firms. Her service includes the Tennessee Access for Justice Commission’s Pro Bono Committee, an organizer of the Music City Legal Hackers and a subject matter expert for the Nashville chapter of SCORE.