Lori Gonzalez

The RayNa Corporation

Lori Gonzalez is legal tech lover, process nerd and promoter of access to justice. She founded The RayNa Corporation, a company designed to assist lawyers with finding lost time – both efficiency and true work-life balance. She focuses her energy on testing, using and improving legal tech, as well as, process and efficiency improvement. She is a frequent speaker at state and local bar associations, presents at national conferences and facilitates staff trainings for firms. Her service includes the Tennessee Access for Justice Commission’s Pro Bono Committee, an organizer of the Music City Legal Hackers and a subject matter expert for the Nashville chapter of SCORE. Her most recent service includes creating new tools for A2J needs with Code for America’s Nashville brigade and serving on the State Bar of California’s Access Through Innovation of Legal Services Task Force.

My Sessions

Breakthru Change: Rules and Innovation

Grand Ballroom A

The Rules of Professional Conduct provide a set of obligations that every attorney must abide by and a set of rules that governs the legal profession. Technology develops in large part due to consumer demand, and it frequently reduces friction of doing business. How have the rules kept pace with advances in technology? Do those […]

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Keying into People: Solving Onboarding and Turnover with Intention and Tech

Columbus CD

The costs of employee turnover can be up to twice the annual salary of the departing employee. How do you effectively onboard employees to reduce turnover and create a happier, more productive law firm workforce? What are the specific nuances to onboarding and engaging a virtual workforce?

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