Emotional Lawyering with Erin and Jennifer Gerstenzang

“Emotional Lawyering” – Should lawyers think more critically about responding to their client’s pain points and focusing on their emotional needs and how do you do it?

  • How Erin Levine has built Hello Divorce by identifying and meeting clients’ emotional needs.
  • How to identify and handle clients who want that hand-holding versus those who do not.
  • Can you care too much? Secondary post-traumatic disorder for lawyers.

Listen to the podcast here.

Erin Gerstenzang,
ABA TECHSHOW 2020 Planning Board

Erin Gerstenzang is a trial attorney with a law practice in Atlanta, Georgia. She provides concierge-level service to clients facing drug and alcohol-related offenses. In addition to running her boutique criminal defense law practice in Atlanta, Georgia, Erin Gerstenzang is dedicated to helping other attorneys succeed in their practices. She is a regular speaker at CLE events across the country and helps lawyers understand legal ethics in a technology-enabled world. She also lectures on design-thinking for law firms, automation, paperless systems, and using social media to build a legal brand.


Jennifer Gerstenzang,
San Diego Office of the Public Defender

After running her solo San Diego criminal defense boutique law firm for five years, Jennifer recently returned to the Public Defender’s office to work on their Fresh Start Program helping those in need clear their criminal records to free them from the chains of their past mistakes. She and her colleagues are collaborating with thought and technology leaders to streamline this high volume program so that it can use technology to service the overwhelming needs of our clients.