Jennifer Gerstenzang

San Diego Office Of The Public Defender

After running her solo San Diego criminal defense boutique law firm for five years, Jennifer recently returned to the Public Defender's office to work on their Fresh Start Program helping those in need clear their criminal records to free them from the chains of their past mistakes. She and her colleagues are collaborating with thought and technology leaders to streamline this high volume program so that it can use technology to service the overwhelming needs of our clients. Jennifer is active in both the San Diego legal community and the national legal technology community, and her website was recently ranked in the Top 10 “Best Law Firm Websites of 2018” by “The Lawyerist.” Jennifer also lectures on topics such as the prevalence of and how to address substance abuse in the legal profession and attorney self-care and implementing secure legal technology in the practice of law. Jennifer truly enjoys the emotional connection she provides to her clients and believes that finding justice and feeling justice are two very different things. For these reasons, she focused in her private practice on creative problem solving by offering, in addition to criminal defense, unique services such as Family Advocacy and Legal Coaching. Jennifer was recently interviewed in a podcast about these services by The Lawyerist’s Sam Glover and in Meghan Zavieh’s “Lawyers Gone Ethical.”

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