Social Media Marketing: Strategy Tips for Law Firms

Check out this podcast from Legal Talk Network | Lunch Hour Legal Marketing:

Skeptical about starting a social media ad campaign? Gyi and Kelly welcome Traci Reuter to discuss the immense value of social media marketing for lawyers. They talk about the process of crafting marketing that connects attorneys to their target clients and offer easy, actionable strategies for increasing the visibility of a law firm. They also mention the benefits of utilizing a tool like ClickFunnels to help convert site visitors to new customers.

Listen to the entire podcast here.

Traci Reuter, Divine Social, LLC

Traci Reuter is the founder and CEO of Divine Social, LLC, a social media advertising agency. She spent two years as a co-host of a very popular marketing podcast, The Social Media Marketing Happy Hour, and was also a contributing author to the best-selling “Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising.”



Gyi Tsakalakis, AttorneySync

Gyi Tsakalakis founded AttorneySync because lawyers deserve better from their marketing people. As a non-practicing lawyer, Gyi is familiar with the unique considerations of ethically and effectively marketing a law practice online. He regularly writes and speaks about online legal marketing. He’s always open to talking shop, but if you really want to get him fired-up ask him about Michigan football, coffee, or whiskey. If you’re in the Chicago area, and you’re not a mean person, he’d love to meet-up.

Gyi Tsakalakis is apart of the ABA TECHSHOW 2020 Planning Board.


Kelly Street, AttorneySync

Kelly Street is the Marketing Director at AttorneySync, a trusted legal digital marketing agency. With almost 10 years in the marketing industry helping a variety of small businesses grow, Kelly loves knowledge sharing and creating content above all else.