Tim Baran


Tim Baran is the Chief Marketing Officer at Good2bSocial. His journey in the legal profession has taken him from law firm library director to founding a continuing legal education consultancy to legal tech startup, and legal marketing. Former managing editor of an award-winning legal blog, and current editor of a leading marketing blog, Tim writes and speaks nationally on how to use marketing strategies and cloud technology to manage and grow a law practice and legal technology company. A crusader for justice, Tim was named to the 2016 Fastcase 50 honoring the law’s innovators, visionaries, techies, and leaders. His recent favorite and highly recommended book is Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson. Connect with him on Twitter: @tim_baran.

My Sessions

Is Your Cloud Lining Dark or Silver? Demystifying the Cloud

Although many lawyers are moving their practice to the cloud, many of you still have doubts, fears, or misconceptions about it. In this session our experts will dispel the myths, discuss the pros and cons of using the cloud as backup or live storage, and how the fears of security risks actually measure up to […]

Practice in the Cloud

What’s a Digital Marketing Strategy, and How Do I Develop One?

Websites, blogs, Twitter, email newsletters – there are so many ways to market your practice online. Without a plan to manage your digital marketing, you’ll waste time and money that’s better spent on serving clients. Our experts will help you develop strategies to define goals, select platforms, curate and calendar your online content, and analyze […]

Promoting Your Practice