What's New in 2024?

We’re Making Magic

We promised to make TECHSHOW magical this year, and we meant that figuratively and literally. This year, we are being joined by magician Christophe Fox, who proves that when technology and the law collide, magic can happen.

Check out a few of his highlights here:


Service Project: PCs for People

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve partnered with PCs For People to responsibly disposed of old technology through their e-recycling program. Not only is this a no-cost service provided by PCs for People, but we were able to support their mission of helping our community by providing computers to be sanitized and refurbished, then sold at a low or no cost to individuals, families, and nonprofits with low income. If you have any old tech you would like to dispose of securely, bring it to TECHSHOW and PCs For People will do the rest. They’ll ensure your devices are protected and guarantee that no trace of your information is left on your old computer.

PCs for People is a national nonprofit and e-waste recycler working to get low-cost quality computers and internet into the homes of individuals, families, and nonprofits with low income. By recycling and then refurbishing computers, PCs for People provides a valuable service to businesses, families, and the planet by keeping computers out of landfills and repurposing them to advance digital inclusion.

Since 1998, PCs for People has become a national leader in digital inclusion by serving over 825,000 individuals, providing 260,000 home computers, connecting 92,000 households to the internet, and responsibly recycling over 9 million pounds of electronic waste through the secure e-waste recycling service. To learn more visit www.pcsforpeople.org.


Taste of TECHSHOW Experience Elevated

This year, we have 11 of Chicago’s best restaurants to pick from for the Taste of TECHSHOW experience. Learn more about each restaurant and browse the menus here.


CLE, CLE, and More CLE!

We want to help you get ahead of your credits for the year. By spending the week with us, you can get up to 9.25 credits, and 6.25 ethics credits. Plus, our highly sought after keynote speaker session is CLE approved!


We have alot more in store for you this year; join us to find out!