Media Tools

Whether you’re exhibiting at ABA TECHSHOW 2014 or attending the Conference and EXPO, below are the tools you need to promote your presence and help us spread the word about ABA TECHSHOW 2014.

Branding Guidelines

It’s important that ABA TECHSHOW 2014 be branded correctly.  Please review our guidelines to become familiar with our brand.

Sample Marketing Copy

Please use this sample marketing copy in your marketing efforts. Feel free to incorporate your own messaging when promoting ABA TECHSHOW to your members.

Print Ads 

Below are standard print ads for ABA TECHSHOW 2014. Please do not alter the ads and use them accordingly if you place them in membership publications.

Web Banners

Below are standard ABA TECHSHOW 2014 web banners.  Please do not alter the graphics and use them accordingly if you plan to place them online.


Attendees, speakers, exhibitors, sponsors and event promoters…tell everyone that you’re participating in ABA TECHSHOW with the all new badges!  Select the appropriate badge below and place it in your e-mail signature, Website, on your blog or wherever you want to show your participation.