Media Tools


Whether you’re exhibiting at ABA TECHSHOW 2016 or attending the Conference and EXPO, below are the tools you need to promote your presence and help us spread the word about ABA TECHSHOW 2016.

Branding Guidelines

It’s important that ABA TECHSHOW 2016 be branded correctly.  Please review our guidelines to become familiar with our brand.


Sample Marketing Copy

Sample marketing copy can be found here.

Article Libary

We have a growing library of plain text articles by ABA TECHSHOW Board members/faculty available for you to use in your publications, on your website, newsletter, blog or other communication vehicles. Simply copy and paste and format to meet your needs.  More content will be added so check back frequently.

To access, please visit this password protected Box Folder. As an Event Promoter participant, you should have received the password via email. If you have lost or forgotten, please email Cate Humpage.

Print Ads 

For custom print ads, please visit this Dropbox folder to download your ad.

Please do not alter the ads and use ads accordingly if you place them in membership publications. Participating Bar Associations will be able to find their individual print ads.

Web Banners

Below are standard ABA TECHSHOW 2016 web banners.  Please do not alter the graphics and use them accordingly if you plan to place them online.