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The final day of ABA TECHSHOW kicks off with the plenary presentation by D. Casey Flaherty and Professor Andrew Perlman investigating the new skills and proficiencies lawyers require…that they didn’t require 20 years ago. The plenary session is followed by presentations of top apps for the major mobile device platforms: iOS Windows Mobile Android Blackberry […]

5 Tips to Becoming a Conference Travel Ninja

-By Joe Bahgat Bahgat is a practicing attorney focusing on Internet, media, and intellectual property litigation, and is passionate about the ways technology is forcing change upon an industry and culture so resistant to it. Having cut his teeth as a professional musician on the NYC jazz scene for a decade before becoming a lawyer, […]

“I’m a Lawyer, Not a Techie!” – The Saturday Morning Plenary Session at ABA TECHSHOW

We’re excited to announce a unique and informative Plenary Session for Saturday morning at ABA TECHSHOW presented by Casey Flaherty and Andrew Perlman. Lawyers are bombarded with technology today (computers, mobile phones, tablets, e-discovery, social media, etc.) but how much do you really need to know from a practical and ethical standpoint? When Casey Flaherty was […]

Plenary 1: Can They Hear Me Now? Practicing Law in an Age of Mass Surveillance

Title: Can They Hear Me Now? Practicing Law in an Age of Mass Surveillance Speaker: Ben Wizner, Marcia Hoffman, Chris Soghoian, moderated by David Lat Date: Friday, March 18, 2016 Time: 5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. Attendee Profile: Everyone Description This panel will address what the profession has learned from the Snowden disclosures about the […]

Microsoft Removes ‘Preview’ Label From Office for Android Apps | Also Launches Preview of Outlook for Android

Microsoft has “officially launched” Word, Excel and Powerpoint apps for Android tablets. The apps were originally launched in “beta” last November. Users can access and edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files directly from their Android tablets via Microsoft’s own supported apps. Office apps for the iPad were announced during TECHSHOW 2014. The apps are free […]

How to: Use Android Voice Commands to Send Messages

– By Jeffrey Taylor This post originally appeared on his blog The Droid Lawyer, where he  blogs extensively about lawyers’ use of Android devices. Taylor is a Principal in Absolute Legal Services, LLC in Oklahoma City, OK. Learn more at one of the two Android-themed sessions he will present at ABA TECHSHOW 2015. One of my favorite Android features is the […]

Top Blackberry Apps for Lawyers

Title: Top Blackberry Apps for Lawyers Speaker: Dan Pinnington Date: Saturday, April 18 Time: 9:45 – 10:45 Track: Blackberry   Description Many folks have counted BlackBerry out of the race but it’s not dead yet! We’ve dedicated an entire session for all of you BlackBerry users to hear about the latest and greatest features of […]

60 Android Apps in 60 Minutes

Title: 60 Android Apps in 60 Minutes Speaker: Jeff Taylor, Dan Siegel, Rick Georges Date: Saturday, April 18 Time: 9:45 – 10:45 Track: Android   Description Some argue that Android phones are superior, and our panelists will show you why. We’ve got three Android-wielding lawyers that will show you the apps they rely on every […]