TECHSHOW 2023 Tracks

Preview the tracks below to see what sessions you can expect to see at TECHSHOW this year.

Here’s a preview of the tracks and types of sessions we’ll be offering this year at TECHSHOW 2023. We’re busy hammering out details for each session, so some sessions are subject to change. But rest assured, these are the tracks and topics we’ll be covering, plus a lot more!

  • FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT:Growth Strategies for Recessionary Times. With recession looming, money matters more than ever to firms seeking to not only survive but thrive in the coming years. Yet in recessionary times, many firms focus solely on cutting back on spending instead of taking advantage of new trends to leverage growth. In this Track, we’ll focus on ways to grow your firm and increase profitability in the coming years – through adoption of new business models like subscription billing or flat fees, use of tech to streamline billing to keep cash flowing, accepting new currencies like crypto and NFTs and a refresher on applicable tax strategies when running a virtual, multi-jurisdiction firm or offering new products and services to manage all the additional money you’ll be earning.


  • MARKETING:There are more lawyers per capita in the United States than in any other country in the world. And yet, according to ABA TECHREPORT 2021, only 55% of respondents from firms of 10-49 lawyers reported having a marketing budget, only 35% of respondents from firms of 2-9 lawyers and 7% of solos reported having one. Standing out today is more important than ever. In this Track, we’ll explore the most effective and ethical ways successful lawyers are marketing themselves. From positioning to client relationship management, come learn how to communicate the value of your services to attract and convert your ideal clients.


  • CORE CONCEPTS: This track brings you back the basics and updates in applications and concepts. In this track explore technology competence, efficieny tips for PCs and Macs, Security, Word & PDF skills, and time management and much more. Your in-person experience will be maximized by participating in these valuable offerings. Sessions include:
    • What’s Up with Word
    • Hacks to Command and Control Your PC
    • Hacks to Command Your Mac
    • The Security Challenge for Microsoft 365: In Plain Language You Can Understand
    • Empower with AI: How AI Could (And Perhaps Already Is) Changing your Practice 
    • I Didn’t Know PDFs Could Do That
    • Getting Things Done: Overcoming Procrastination and Implementing Technology to Better Manage Your Time
    • Technology Competence, it’s Required


  • OPERATIONS: Law firms do not run themselves. Without the proper systems and processes your law firm could be losing easily losing 20 to 30% of revenue each year despite how many clients you bring in and/or cases you win. Whether you are looking to scaling and optimizing legal processes or automate systems and processes to maximize efficiency and lower overhead costs. Learn how to effectively use legal technology to innovate and implement back-office process improvements to create a sustainable law firm.


  • FUTURES: The legal landscape is changing faster than ever, and technology is the primary driver of change. Technology can be used to increase legal services to underserved populations—but it is unclear where technology ends and UPL begins. Meanwhile, other legal challenges and opportunities are presented by the metaverse, non-fungible assets (NFTs) and Web 3 projects. In this track, speakers provide answers to the following questions:
    • What are the results of recent tech surverys from ILTA and LTRC and how can lawyers use the results to drive profit in their practices?
    • Now that most states require lawyers to understand the benefits and risks of technology as an element of their ethical competence, should there be some uniform or model standard about exactly what technology we’re talking about and how that is to be achieved? 
    • How can technology be designed for greater access and usability for customers with disabilities?
    • NFTs and Web3: what are they and how does intellectual property apply?
    • How do I get funding for my great legal tech ideas? What are the practical and ethical considerations of investing in startups?


  • CLIENT EXPERIENCE: You have done the hard work of attracting the right lead and converting them into a client of your firm. Now it is time to surprise and delight them so they become ambassadors of your law practice. The client experience track is designed to help you define the experience your clients will have from intake to off boarding. Designing the client experience with intention not only improves your client’s perception of your law practice, it adds clarity to your working relationship, allows you to anticipate client needs, and distinguishes you from your competitors. If you are looking for ways to enhance client satisfaction and turn clients into raving fans, this track is for you.


  • TRANSACTIONAL: Leveraging technology in a transactional practice is not only a necessity it’s a requirement. In a rapidly progressing landscape the existence and  opportunities for implementing these solutions in your practice is ever expanding. The transactional track will explore tools and technologies featuring world class speakers, interactive workshops, customized learning modules and enlightening presentations. Topics include transactional tech stack, legal ops, technology assisted review, contract management systems, word document automation workshop, document management and compliance, and new delivery systems from legal tech entrepreneurs. Whether you’re in-house, outside counsel, a legal tech entrepreneur, (even) a litigator, or have a desire to be any of the above, these sessions are for you.