William Lloyd (Bill) Smith

Smith Horras, PA, Trial Attorneys & JUST

Bill Smith was born in Twin Falls, Idaho and grew up in the small farm town of Kimberly, Idaho. Bill’s family lived on his grandfather’s property in a trailer house next to a highway. Behind the trailer was three acres, two of which was occupied by a delipidated apple cellar. As a child Bill learned the value of hard work chopping wood, pulling weeds, washing trucks at the local truck stop and watching his father do shift work at the local sugar factory for thirty-five years.

Bill was an excellent student and athlete. Bill thrived in the Kimberly School District where he attended school from Kindergarten through graduation. Bill loved books and libraries and became close friends with all the local librarians. Bill’s Eagle Scout project was raising money for the local library with a book sale.

As a poor kid, Bill worked his way through college. Seeing the value of education, he set his sights on becoming a lawyer.

Bill attended law school at the University of Idaho and graduated in 1999. His first semester, Bill met a law student named Ellen Horras.

After graduating from law school, Bill came back to the Magic Valley and clerked for the truly Honorable J. William “Bill” Hart. Judge Hart mentored both Bill and Ellen and on March 17, 2001, Judge Hart married Bill and Ellen Smith.

Bill practiced with a respected defense firm in Twin Falls, Idaho for two years where he experienced small town law.
In 2003, Bill and Ellen and their young family moved to Boise, Idaho. Bill began working as a trial lawyer at the construction law firm known as Trout Weeks & Nemec. In 2007, Bill founded Smith Horras, PA.
Since 2007, Bill has narrowed his legal focus to assisting real people who need help.

On March 13, 2020, the day COVID changed Idaho, Bill was speaking with a childhood Kimberly friend, Dennis Shewmaker, and experienced software and virtual reality developer. Bill hired Dennis to create an immersive courtroom. Dennis made an amazing courtroom, and JUST was born.

Bill is a trial lawyer, storyteller, producer, and entrepreneur. Bill is passionate about helping the injured, telling important stories, social justice, dogs (some cats) and his family.

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