Thayne Brown

Legalease Marketing

Thayne starts his mornings at 5 am. So you’d think he’d be running on a vat of coffee. But nope, he chugs a bunch of regular ol’ H20 to face the day.

Born in the Bronx (even though they’d never let him claim it) and raised in Sunrise (not Miami), Florida, Thayne knew he wanted to attend the University of Central Florida since he was in the 7th grade. In 2014, he graduated from UCF with a degree in Marketing. After dedicating 10+ years to automating and innovating processes within the industry to help his properties operate at peak efficiency, Thayne now brings his talents to Legalease Marketing as the Director of Technology Implementation.

An avid basketball fan and current Orlando resident, Thayne is a massive fan of the Orlando Magic (even when they’re not winning). He’s also an avid music fan. Thayne spends his downtime creating, listening, and sharing music with friends. Oh, and he’s also LegalEase’s unofficial rock star as he’s a touring musician in the band, Dear Tatiana. Thayne’s love of music and the Orlando Magic came together during the 2016-2017 season as Dear Tatiana’s song “Came Here To Win” was the official losing song for the Orlando Magic for the 2016-2017 NBA season. With a 29-53 record, they played the song many times.

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