Stanley Tate

Tate Esq LLC

Stanley Tate is a native of Chicago’s south side obsessed with student loan law and typography. In between watching Being Mary Jane and The Good Wife, reliving his dreams of NBA stardom, and trying (and failing) to cook a perfect pot of rice, he helps clients develop their student loan repayment strategy. His law firm, Tate Esq. LLC offers a variety of student loan debt solutions from eliminating defaults, negotiating settlements, defending lawsuits, lowering monthly payments, and pursuing discharges in bankruptcy.

Stanley became a student loan attorney after struggling to find reliable, easy to read information on what to do with his own $100,000 student loan debt after law school. Establishing Tate Esq LLC, he took up a niche practice area and carved out a thriving business. Always iterating, Stanley has taken his practice to the next level by leveraging technology tools, automation, online marketing savvy, and a focus on excellent client service. Stanley has crafted a law practice that works for both him and his clients.

Stanley Tate is a sought-out speaker on student loans and presents to government agencies, universities, and non-profit organizations. Visit him online at tateesq.com.

My Sessions

Solve New Legal Problems with Technology and at Scale: The Inspiration

The modern world has introduced a litany of new problems for legal consumers and as a result there are endless opportunities to discover new niche practices with relatively little competition and a lot of opportunities to scale. In this session you will see how one solo practitioner built a thriving practice relying on Airtable, Zapier, […]

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