Stacey M. Lake


Stacey Lake is an invaluable resource in the legal tech space. Constantly evolving to meet her clients’ needs, Stacey founded 4 legal based businesses, including Lawfecta and LawWurk. More than an avid entrepreneur, she is a business partner focused on providing groundbreaking, value-driven solutions that act as catalysts for business growth.

Lawfecta is a virtual Paralegal, Legal Secretary, and Assistant support agency offering remote services to Attorneys, Law Firms, and other small businesses throughout the United States. Fueled by a belief in technological innovation, Stacey creates affordable and innovative solutions to bridge the access to justice gap.

Prior to venturing into entrepreneurship in 2017, Stacey was a paralegal for over 15 years. She witnesses first-hand the challenges faced by attorneys in their line of work. In 2017, Stacey transitioned from the traditional law firm setting, rising to the challenge to offer independent contract services to solo attorneys. Leveraging her knack for technology, she stays ahead of emerging trends to offer crucial on-demand services. Stacey recognizes that each business is unique and customizes legal solutions to address your specific needs, helping you elevate your business higher.

In the fast-paced, dynamic market, legal firms need to adapt to be sustainable. Staffing is a vital component in running a firm effectively. However, the overhead costs may have a detrimental effect on your earnings. That’s where Stacey comes in. With her vast networks, she connects you to legal and non-legal professionals to handle diverse needs, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Stacey is a staunch advocate for Legal professionals, striving to address technological issues that affect the legal field. Consequently, she launched online tools such as LawWurk to provide a seamless and convenient service for Attorneys, law firms, and small businesses to engage a highly dedicated and experienced Team, on-demand and with flexibility and affordability. LawWurk was also created to help people who cannot afford an attorney to locate non-lawyer legal support to assist them in finding justice.

In addition to her legal work, Stacey is a dynamic speaker with a resume of speaking engagements in various platforms, including legal associations and the Lorman Education Services. Crowing her powerful communication skills is the enthusiasm and conviction she exudes when conveying her message, leaving her audience captivated and informed.

When she’s not assisting her clients, you can find Stacey camping, hiking, sipping a fancy craft beer, or testing out new and creative recipes.

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