Robert (Bob) Young

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As Bob Young sees it, lawyers have a duty to keep up with advances in technology that can help them practice law more efficiently and keep their work more tightly connected with their clients. He has become one of the foremost advocates for attorneys embracing social media, utilizing iPads, blogging and cloud computing in the American Bar Association, serving as Chair of the Law Practice Division from 2014 to 2015. In 2016, he was appointed to the ABA Legal Career Central Board and ABA Law Practice Division Council. He is a frequent national-level speaker and author on topics relating to law office management and technology. Bob’s passion for technology is an extension of his natural curiosity. He has spent most of his career in the area of medical malpractice, particularly in the area of medical devices and medications. He has practiced law for over 30 years, learning lots along the way and wanting to continue his education every day as he researches cases.

Among Bob’s most notable cases was handling a class action suit against Merck for damages due to its Vioxx, which it removed from the market. In that case, Bob represented 19 clients for more than five years. “One of our strengths is that we have a very capable and stable staff, and we have the ability to follow things through consistently for years if necessary,” Bob says of ELPO. “In this case, there were many plaintiffs from our area and we were up against a large corporation in a distant area, which made the work all the more difficult.” Outside of his medical malpractice work, Bob has also become known as a competent, fair and impartial mediator, working with both sides in a case to come to resolution. Mediation has become much more common in recent years as court dockets have gotten crowded and costs of litigation have climbed. Besides the demands of a rigorous law practice, Bob has four daughters. The two youngest are adopted from China, and have added a richness and depth to his family. Bob also serves as his firm’s Managing Partner

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