Rob Alexander

Vanguard Advocates, LLP

Rob is a zealous advocate and a compassionate guide for his clients facing the criminal legal system in Chicago and Illinois. Rob will never shy away from a fight to protect his clients’ rights. He appreciates that people caught up in the system don’t always understand exactly what is happening. And he works to make sure his clients’ questions are answered and they can meaningfully participate in their cases.

Rob has dedicated his practice to helping people move through and beyond the criminal legal system. In addition to defending his clients, Rob will ensure that his clients are aware of the way that any case outcome can affect their lives going forward. When advising clients, he takes the time to understand their goals for the case and for the future and works to ensure that they know their rights and responsibilities after the case has concluded.

Rob has presented on the ramifications of criminalizing children, the school-to-prison pipeline, and the collateral consequences of criminal legal issues. But beyond the courtroom and the podium, he volunteers as the Vice President and board member for Companions Journeying Together, a nonprofit dedicated to personally impact the emotional, spiritual, and social lives of the incarcerated and their families.

Outside of work and volunteering, Rob loves to read, travel, hang with his pup, Trixie, and try new recipes.

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