Raza Hasan


Raza Hasan is currently the CEO of TimeSolv, a SaaS legal time billing solution growing 30%+ annually. Raza is an entrepreneur with a broad range of expertise in software products, strategy, marketing, sales, and organizational structure. He led TimeSolv from a failing business to a growing enterprise.

Raza’s greatest strength is thought leadership based on innovative systems thinking. Systems thinking requires an understanding of disparate constituents that interrelate to create business value. He has added extraordinary business value by coming up with new solutions such as the patent-pending Zero AR solution increase the law firm invoice recovery rate to 97%.

At TimeSolv, he refocused the brand and market position to grow faster, simultaneously increasing the price and lowering customer acquisition costs.

Even though Raza is a SaaS product expert with advanced analytical skills, he can quickly comprehend novel industries and technologies. His career spans hardware chip design, Flight Simulation Software development, pilot staffing optimization, and Web-based Applications. With a wide range of knowledge straddling technology, strategy, marketing, human resources, finance, and operations, tied together with inventiveness, Raza provided multiple breakthrough solutions for TimeSolv, Intranet Solutions, and Northwest Airlines.

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