Nkoyo-Ene Effiong

The Effiong Firm LLC

Nkoyo-Ene Effing is the founder and principal attorney at The Effiong Firm LLC, a strategic law and consulting firm that advocates unapologetically for excellence, equity, and education justice alongside communities of color. As a strategic partner, Nkoyo helps caregivers and courageous leaders protect the people and purposes that matter most to them. Whether it is helping a parent ensure their child is well-educated or guiding leaders to run more equitable and impactful organizations, Nkoyo delivers top-notch strategy and support so that her clients exceed their goals and ultimately build a more inclusive education ecosystem.

Developing leaders is vital for sustained impact. Thus, at The Effiong Firm, Nkoyo and her team focus on equipping clients with the confidence, competence, and capacity they need to devise innovative solutions that reimagine and reshape the status quo. Drawing from her diverse experiences as an attorney and a forever educator, Nkoyo delivers practical and proactive legal and advocacy services to her individual and organizational clients.

Nkoyo is a proud graduate of Brown University and New York University School of Law. She lives in Atlanta with her husband and children.

My Sessions

Practical Tips to Amplify Your Leadership and Impact

As legal service providers, we have access to power and privilege on account of knowledge, resources, skills/training, networks, and overall ability to navigate the legal system. Many of our potential clients or consumers do not. To expand our impact, there are low-tech ways in which we can close the justice gap through intentional relationship building […]


Leadership: A Moderated Panel

After unlocking your mind to the impact you can achieve as a solo practitioner or small law firm, join our speakers for a panel on how you can apply this to your own practice.