Michael Ko

Groundwork Trial Consulting

Michael Ko is the founder of Groundwork Trial Consulting, a litigation support firm based out of Chicago, Illinois. Michael Ko is also an adjunct professor at the Chicago-Kent College of Law, where he team teaches an advanced trial advocacy course, Litigation Technology.

Mike Ko has been operating tech at trials since 2008. As a veteran hot seater, Mike Ko’s presence in the courtroom has been sought out for complex medical malpractice trials, patent trials, and high-profile trials, such as Obrycka v. City of Chicago and Goldberg v. Donald Trump.

Mike Ko teaches Litigation Technology, an advanced trial advocacy course, that incorporates modern technology into traditional courtroom skills. Mike has experience creating training programs for document review software, trial presentation software, PowerPoint, court room hardware management, and the use of iPads in the court room. Mike is also a frequent CLE lecturer, teaching attorneys how to incorporate technology into their own trial practice.

Mike Ko is an expert in video production for trial. Mike routinely edits video evidence depositions, prepares video impeachment clips, and prepares deposition designations. Mike Ko is fluent in Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro and has used these tools to create compelling video settlement demands and concise focus group presentations. Mike is also frequently consulted in the area of surveillance camera footage.

My Sessions

WOW! Videos, Photos, & Audio that Impress Clients and Juries

Grand Ballroom B

Written words are often not enough anymore to convey concepts and thoughts in a technical and visual world. Therefore, you have to do more than put words on a page or website to catch a viewer’s attention and get your point across. Tools such as Photoshop/GIMP, Camtasia, and Audacity do not require much time to […]

Core Technology

Showtime in the Courtroom

Columbus EF

Don’t be intimidated by the equipment in a technology-enhanced courtroom. Think of the occasion as your opportunity for show and tell to present your client’s case understandably and compellingly. This session will describe the typical technology found in modern courtrooms and how to use this technology to your advantage. This session will guide you from […]