Kimberly Y. Bennett

K Bennett Law LLC

Kim runs K Bennett Law LLC, a boutique law practice focused on helping clients protect their brands and grow profitable, sustainable businesses through the application of trademark, business, and employment law. The practice offers on-demand and subscription operations and legal services for new entrepreneurs and established businesses.

Kim has integrated the latest technologies into her practice with a focus on designing legal services that provide fast, flexible, and frictionless solutions to her clients. Although based in midtown Atlanta, her practice serves clients around the country.

In addition to running her law practice, Kim co-chairs the Atlanta Legal Tech Meetup group and the Atlanta Legal Hackers Meetup Group.

My Sessions

Creating a Digital Signature

Columbus GH

Having a digital signature is not only a convenience, it can be necessary to guarantee a document’s authenticity. Learn how to create your own digital or digitized signature – as easy as signing your John Hancock using a pen and paper, or as powerful as a digital certificate in Adobe Acrobat. Get ready for a […]

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