Karuana Gatimu

Microsoft Teams Customer Advocacy Group

Karuana Gatimu is a business architect and productivity expert currently working in the Microsoft Teams product group. With a 25-year history in collaboration and corporate IT, she is experienced in Microsoft 365 services with a focus on Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and Power Platform. Her team currently drives worldwide adoption of Microsoft 365 services, product feedback, and technical readiness for IT professionals, developers, and productivity Champions, including the Microsoft 365 Champions program and the Teams Technical Community. Her specialized experience in enterprise, government, non-profit, and retail solution architecture allows her to build large scale adoption programs and create the Microsoft Service Adoption Specialist course. She is the host & executive producer of Coffee in the Cloud on YouTube and a frequent speaker on empowering female leadership in technology and the future of collaboration.

My Sessions

MS Teams: Mastering the Fundamentals


If you have Microsoft Teams and are also paying for Zoom, then this session is for you. Not only will you master the fundamentals of Teams, but you’ll also become familiar with some of the compelling features it enables for lawyers and internal law firm collaboration. You’ll discover that Teams can do practically everything Zoom […]

Core Concepts