Julie Tolek, Esq.

Think Pink Law

Julie is the founder and solo attorney of Think Pink Law in Metrowest Massachusetts where she practices Firearms Compliance, Estate Planning, and Family Law Mediation. She is also a part time associate at Skylark Law & Mediation, PC, also in the Metrowest area.

After graduating from Suffolk University in 2003 with a Bachelors of Science in Criminology and Law, Julie worked for Apple, Inc. as a Lead Creative Trainer. A geek by nature, Julie started her own technology consulting and education company, Mac Girl Consulting, in 2008 after she left Apple to pursue her dreams of becoming a lawyer. In law school, Julie earned the privilege of becoming an Academic Excellence Honors Fellow where she worked with struggling first year law students as a mentor and coach, teaching them the art of being a law student, including life and time management skills, and legal analysis and writing skills.

Julie earned her law degree from New England Law | Boston in 2013.

Julie speaks on branding and entrepreneurship at local and national conferences, and is on the Boston Bar Association and MCLE New England faculties. Julie has her own personal blog as well as a firm blog, and writes for others, including the American Bar Association Legal Technology Resource Center. When not writing or lawyering, you can find Julie at the sportman’s club or stuffing her face somewhere, and definitely “Facebooking” about all of it. She is online at www.thinkpinklaw.com and www.legallyblondbos.com.

My Sessions

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Websites, blogs, Twitter, email newsletters – there are so many ways to market your practice online. Without a plan to manage your digital marketing, you’ll waste time and money that’s better spent on serving clients. Our experts will help you develop strategies to define goals, select platforms, curate and calendar your online content, and analyze […]

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