Joshua Weaver

Texas Opportunity & Justice Incubator

Joshua Weaver is an attorney and technologist serving as the Director of the Texas Opportunity & Justice Incubator (TOJI), a flagship program of the State Bar of Texas focused on supporting attorneys as they build sustainable solo practices serving low-income and modest-income communities.

Joshua’s background is in technology startups and software design, where former clients of his technology consulting company include NextGen, Chick-fil-A, the United States Airforce, and dozens of startups. Today, Joshua uses his multidisciplinary expertise in law and technology at TOJI to help attorneys improve their services and rapidly grow their firms.

Joshua becomes most animated when lecturing on the intersection of law and technology. His lectures frequently focus on cybersecurity, privacy, tech stacks, digital marketing, automation, and process improvement.

Joshua passionately believes that attorneys can learn to practice when, where, and how they want to, enjoying extreme personal autonomy without compromising excellent service to clients–and that the key to unlocking this profound personal and professional freedom is in re-thinking the processes and the tools we commonly use to practice law.

Joshua is currently obsessed with future applications of DeFi, Olympic lifting, his slobbery Great Dane Luna, and perfecting the ultimate homemade pizza.

My Sessions

Ethically Managing Modern Emergencies: Are You Ready?

Grand A

Before March 2020, we might have thought of emergency preparedness as having a succession plan. Now, we must prepare for abrupt changes to the workplace including dramatically altering how and where our firm operates in as fast as one day. In this session, attendees will learn how to create a strong emergency preparedness plan, how […]


The Cyber-Security Plan

Grand A

The threat of cyber-attacks looms large over all law firms these days — whether you know about it or not. Despite omnipresent risks, lawyers rarely think about the details needed for a comprehensive cybersecurity plan — until an attack happens. In this session, we highlight the key components needed in an effective and scale-able cyber […]