Jen Lee

Jen Lee Law, Inc.

Jen Lee is a bankruptcy attorney (or as she likes to call it: a debt and credit strategy attorney) and is licensed in CA and ND.

Law was a second career for Jen, after working for ten years in insurance and underwriting. She opened her own law firm straight of law school and realized that her undergraduate degree in business and an MBA made a huge difference in running a law firm as a business. She often speaks at bar associations, professional groups, and other trade associations both on substantive issues for bankruptcy and debt and on law practice management.

In addition to running a successful law practice, she is the founder of Lawyer Success Network™. She loves figuring out ways to help other lawyers innovate and move the practice of law forward. Sometimes, it means creating new client processes, or coming up with a totally new product, or even developing client-friendly packages that make it easy to buy. She teaches lawyers to escape the billable hour, be happy, and make money with their law practices.

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