Jeffrey Aresty

InternetBar.org Institute

Cofounder and first co-chair of ABA Techshow. International Business Attorney. Founder of InternetBar.org and PeaceTones.org.

My Sessions

Realizing Technology’s Potential to Improve Access to Justice

Grand ML

Is the digital divide the primary barrier to realizing technology’s potential to improve access to justice? According to the Justice Needs and Satisfaction in the United States Report prepared by the Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System (IAALS) a very small percentage of respondents who reported not seeking legal information or advice […]


Online Dispute Resolution: Transforming Our Definition of Justice

Grand GI

Meeting individuals where they are and allowing them input in the development of rules and process in the resolution of disputes can increase satisfaction regardless of the ultimate outcome. This bottom-up approach can improve participants’ satisfaction regardless of whether the dispute process occurs in a traditional forum or online, utilizing technological support. This session aims […]