Jason Morris

Singapore Management University Centre for Computational Law

Jason Morris is a recovering lawyer and computational law researcher from Alberta, Canada. He currently works as a Senior Researcher in Symbolic Artificial Intelligence at the Singapore Management University Centre for Computational Law. The Centre is developing programming languages specifically for representing laws and contracts. Jason was an ABA Innovation Fellow in 2018-2019 for his work on automating subjective legal issues using case-based reasoning in open source technologies, a demonstration of which was published at the 2019 International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Law. In November of 2020, he received an interdisciplinary LLM from the University of Alberta, jointly between the Faculty of Law and the Department of Computing Science. His thesis explored the potential of declarative logic programming technologies for automating reasoning around statutes and contracts. He is the maintainer of Blawx, a user-friendly web-based tool for Rules as Code, which received second place in the startup category for the inaugural American Legal Technology Awards in 2020. Blawx has been featured as a potential Rules as Code technology in the 2020 OECD technical primer on the topic, and Jason recently published a demonstration of Rules as Code in Blawx in the MIT Computational Law Report. Jason has been invited to speak at Legal Hackers, Clio’s Cloud Conference, LSC’s ITC, and at conferences for legislative drafters and public servants working in regulatory fields.

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