Jason McNew

Stronghold Cyber Security

Jason McNew is an Air Force veteran, and previously worked for the White House Communications Agency / Camp David for 12 years where he held one of highest security clearances known as the “Yankee White”. He holds four degrees including a Master’s in cyber security from Penn State, as well as numerous certifications including the CISSP, and also was recently appointed as member of CompTIA’s Partner Advisory Council. He is now based in private sector as the founder and CEO of Stronghold Cyber Security, helping small to mid-size businesses create a culture of security. Website: https://www.strongholdcybersecurity.com

My Sessions

Protecting Your Firm from Ransomware Attacks

Columbus AB

Nowadays, ransomware attacks occur in firms of all sizes, with criminals encrypting client files and demanding payment for their release. With common sense and preparation, you can minimize the effects of a ransomware incident. Our experts will share true stories of law firm ransomware events, show how to prepare for and respond to an attack, […]


Modern Network Design: Secure, Fast and Reliable Connectivity

Columbus AB

Lawyers require always-on connectivity these days, and modern office networks require an infrastructure with both wired and wireless capabilities. This session will discuss best practices for your office network, including mesh wireless networking, VLANs and the other pieces you need to keep the network up and running as fast as possible and at all times, […]

Advanced IT