Ian Hu


As the face of Claims Prevention and practicePRO at LAWPRO, Ian evangelizes the principles of good law practice management and claims prevention. He has spoken at over 100 events, from keynotes to panels, for law firms, schools, societies, and bar associations across North America. Having had experience in private practice under his belt with various sizes of firms, Ian has seen the trials and tribulations lawyers go through.

He was the first racially diverse Chair of the Sole, Small Firm & General Practice Section at the Ontario Bar Association. He has served as Vice President of the Federation of Asian Canadian Lawyers, mentored young lawyers, and advocated for diverse lawyers and students. He is co-Chair of the American Bar Association’s Law Practice Today Board. He has been appointed a Leadership Member of the American Bar Association’s Law Practice Division, serving with several committees.

Ian invites you to chat on LinkedIn, tweet him @IanHuLawpro or comment on his blogs at SlawTips.ca and Avoidaclaim.com.

My Sessions

What the Internet Knows (About You and Your Clients)

From the Internet of Things to Google Maps, prepare to be surprised if not shocked at what information the apps on your phone, operating system, and browser know about you. What information are you giving away about you, your law firm and your clients and what are the implications? How can you find information about […]

Solo/Small Firm

Avoid Swimming with the Phishes

Garden variety phishing is the number one way law firms get malware, ransomware and suffer breaches. Why? PEBCAK (Problem Exists Between Chair and Keyboard). Learn to spot the tell-tale signs of phishing that can lead to scams and ransomware. We will provide tips for training professional and support staff and how to maintain constant vigilance […]

Solo/Small Firm