Hunter Steele


Hunter is the CEO and founder of Smokeball, a leading legal practice management start-up based in Chicago.
Hunter grew up watching his father run a small law firm in Australia, and saw the day to day challenges associated with it. He attended BOND University and studied Law before switching to IT. He quickly understood that there were huge gaps in technology for lawyers to help them run their practice.

He knew software could help improve efficiency but also improve billables and reduce some of the organizational stress that most firms encounter.

In 2012 he founded Smokeball a Legal Software aimed at helping small to midsized firms run a more efficient practice. Since that time Smokeball has growth to thousands of firms and users, and over 100 passionate staff with offices in Chicago, USA and in Sydney, Australia.

Hunter holds a B.A in Law (HONS) and a B.A in Computer Science from Bond University in Australia. In his spare time he likes to invest in and mentor other Legal Tech entrepreneurs to further help Law Firms to utilize technology to be better businesses.

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