Erin Levine

Hello Divorce

Erin Levine is the CEO and founder of Hello Divorce, a legal technology company that makes divorce easier, kinder and more affordable through a guided digital experience that combines software and expert services.

Erin gained experience as a lawyer, Certified Family Law Specialist and owner of Levine Family Law Group. Her innovative approach to the delivery of legal services has been acknowledged by the legal industry and beyond with recognition from Forbes, Vice, Above the Law, TechCrunch and Business Insider. She has received awards that include American Bar Association’s James I Keane Memorial Award for Excellence in eLawyering, ABA Journal’s Legal Rebel, Duke University School of Law’s Legal Tech Accelerator; Grand Prize,  FastCase50’s honoree, Clio’s Reisman Award for Legal Innovation and the Pro Bono Leadership award from Congresswoman Barbara Lee.

Ultimately Erin’s vision is to play a pivotal role in the movement to change how we provide access to the legal system for the greater good. She believes that by challenging innate biases and barriers in the legal system, using technology to improve access to justice, and putting user experience at the forefront, we can rethink and redesign how we navigate every day legal and life challenges to empower a better life ahead.

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