Eric Patrick

Ball Morse Lowe PLLC and Smarter Firms

Eric Patrick is the Chief Operating Officer at Ball Morse Lowe PLLC, a rapidly expanding regional law firm with offices in OK, CO, and TX. With an MBA from SMU in Dallas, TX and a diverse background leading large enterprises in strategy, technology, and revenue generation, he is passionate about using data-driven insights to build strong, scalable organizations that benefit both shareholders and patrons alike.

As BML grew from 10 to 40 team members, the firm needed real-time reporting to make quick informed decisions. Drawing on his background in web application development, Eric led the creation of an internal reporting software that has now been made available to other law firms in the form of Smarter Firms: Integrated Analytics – https://www.smarterfirms.com.

Mr. Patrick enjoys speaking internationally on practical and actionable business topics in and outside of the legal sphere. Eric is excited about the future for law firms and how they will win by serving additional clients that today are not able or not aware of their ability to retain an attorney to assist with their legal matter.

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