Dr. Bonnie Aylor

Young Innovators Association

Dr. Bonnie Aylor joined the American Bar Association after serving as an analytics administrator at a local mid-sized law firm. She is now enrolled in a hybrid remote JD Law degree. Dr. Aylor has also worked as a portfolio manager at a bankruptcy law firm while carrying out paralegal duties. She has worked in permitting on stormwater permits, Title V Air permits, and ESA Phase I with Phase II proposals. She has even evaluated and rewritten policy documents to match regulatory requirements. Finally, Dr. Aylor has provided regulatory compliance services for medical device labeling, and dispute resolution services in the financial and technology fields.

Dr. Aylor also owns a business consulting firm conducted entirely online. She has recently worked towards a notary license with remote notarization capability. Dr. Aylor serves as President of the Young Innovators Association, Vice President of Education for her Toastmasters club, Director of Social Media for the Tampa Bay PMI, Secretary for the local Environmental Caucus, and Precinct Captain for her local party Executive Committee — all remote due to covid19.

Dr. Aylor became familiar with mind mapping during her initial research courses while obtaining her MSEM degree, and has kept abreadst of the AI, mind mapping, and dispute resolution scene since. Dr. Aylor is enthusiastic about sharing her expertise with a broad audience, such as those attending the ABA TECHSHOW 2021 conference.

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