Dina Eisenberg

Unstoppable Lawyer Playbook

Dina Eisenberg helps law firms and solo lawyers create sustainable, profitable practices by onboarding and training new paralegals effectively. As a lawyer, she knows the stuff that law school didn’t teach you and how to help you use emotional intelligence as a growth tool to scale.

Dina runs the Unstoppable Lawyer Playbook where she leads leadership mentorship programs and retreats that teaches lawyers a process to manage with empathy and grace and create healthier, happier, more productive workplaces.

Dina’s professional activities include articles published in Law Practice Magazine, the Practitioner, Law Office Manager, and ABA Young Lawyer Division as well as other publications and podcasts like GPSolo ABA Brown Bag Lunch and the Happy Lawyer Podcast.

Dina was honored to present on onboarding, delegation, and staffing for state and local bar associations such as the Bar Association of San Francisco and the DC Bar Association.

Dina was recognized by the Boston Business Journal as a 40 Under Forty Business Leader. She received a commendation from Massachusetts Governor Weld for her contributions to restore community after a race riot.

An experienced speaker and writer, Dina informs on topics related to onboarding, emotional intelligence, outsourcing, and Ombudsman services for law firms.

Dina is a huge foodie who is ramen-obsessed and never says no to a nice Manhattan. Her motto is: eat well, travel often! She lives with her fur interns, Rodney and Cooper.

My Sessions

EQ Over IQ: Building Emotional Intelligence for Clients

Columbus AB

Even if you are an expert in your field, you may be leaving wins on the table if you are not paying attention to interpersonal dynamics, both in and out of court. Skilled advocates are able to achieve great results even when the facts are not on their side. They do this by convincing stakeholders […]

Human Skills

Keying into People: Solving Onboarding and Turnover with Intention and Tech

Columbus CD

The costs of employee turnover can be up to twice the annual salary of the departing employee. How do you effectively onboard employees to reduce turnover and create a happier, more productive law firm workforce? What are the specific nuances to onboarding and engaging a virtual workforce?

Recession Proof