Deneen Warmington

Deneen Warmington Law PLLC

Lawyer by Profession and Innovator by Passion. Deneen Warmington is an intellectual property and legal designer fluent in both law and design. Her law firm, Deneen Warmington Law PLLC, partners with corporate professionals and business owners to turn their hard-won expertise into a legacy business by identifying, protecting, and monetizing their intellectual property.

Before starting Deneen Warmington Law, she practiced at two AM-200 law firms and a Fortune 500 technology company. She has represented entrepreneurs, small business owners, middle-market companies, and large international companies in complex commercial transactions.

Today her focus is bringing clarity, creativity, design, and a user-centered approach to the law. She assists creative industries, innovators, and female founders with licensing and certification programs, contracts, trademarks, and ongoing IP strategy. Deneen combines her legal mind and creative eye to design legal contracts and other legal information with the end-user in mind to reduce negotiation time, increase productivity, engage team members, and improve brand reputation and customer experience.

Deneen has been practicing law since 2001. She graduated from Loyola Univesity New Orleans in 1998 and Tulane University School of Law in 2001.

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