David Sparks

Sparks Law, APC

David Sparks writes and produces the MacSparky Field Guides at learn.MacSparky.com, and the co-host of the popular Mac Power Users (relay.fm/mpu), Automators (relay.fm/automators) and Focussed (relay.fm/focussed) podcasts. David speaks and writes often about Apple technology. When not falling down fiddly geek rabbit holes, David is a business attorney in Orange County, California.

My Sessions

Mac and iOS Security: What You Need to Know

Columbus AB

So you are using a Mac and/or iOS device; think you are safe? Think again. While the Mac and iOS have great native security features, you should be aware of how to use them and what else you need to do to secure your devices. This session is a must for anyone who owns an […]

Mac Track

Showtime in the Courtroom

Columbus EF

Don’t be intimidated by the equipment in a technology-enhanced courtroom. Think of the occasion as your opportunity for show and tell to present your client’s case understandably and compellingly. This session will describe the typical technology found in modern courtrooms and how to use this technology to your advantage. This session will guide you from […]