Dan Elliott

New Lawyer Steering Committee - CPR - American Bar Association

Dan Elliott is a forward thinking ‘non-lawyer’ who forewent the bar exam after law school as an act of civil disobedience. His action was taken believing the regulatory structure of the legal profession disincentivized the mass provision of legal services to hundreds of millions of ordinary Americans. Only by re-regulating the industry to, in some way, incentivize other non-lawyers to enter the industry would positive, systemic change come about within the profession. Thus, by removing the possibility of those incentives for himself – he pushed himself and subsequently the industry, forward.

Dan actively pursues his belief having worked with now mainstream legal service providers, law firms, corporate legal departments, and the American Bar Association. His work experience ranges from product development to data analytics to regulatory reform. In each of these areas, he aims to embolden every voice at the table so as to build an inclusive environment that takes ownership of the problems we face as service providers, a profession, and a society.

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