Craig Bayer


Craig Bayer is the founder of Optiable, a company which helps law firms setup document management software. He’s been doing law-related tech consulting for over 16 years, and has worked with hundreds of law firms between 1 and 75 users.

Craig frequently speaks to bar associations, and is sought after because he not only has deep knowledge of law-related technologies, but can also explain it in a straight-forward manner. Craig’s advice is always based on what’s best for the client, even if it winds up being a solution he doesn’t provide.

My Sessions

Mac and iOS Security: What You Need to Know

Columbus AB

So you are using a Mac and/or iOS device; think you are safe? Think again. While the Mac and iOS have great native security features, you should be aware of how to use them and what else you need to do to secure your devices. This session is a must for anyone who owns an […]

Mac Track

MDM (Mobile Device Management): Not Just another TLA

Columbus CD

The number of devices used by attorneys and their staff continues to grow. Trying to manage all of these devices, while insuring the latest updates, security patches, and end to end encryption poses what can be an overwhelming task unless managed correctly. This session will provide a dive into mobile device management solutions to manage […]

Advanced IT