Conrad Saam


After leading marketing efforts for Avvo, Conrad Saam founded Mockingbird, an online marketing agency focused exclusively on legal. Called the “Gary V of Legal”, Conrad is the author of Own the Map published by the American Bar Association and The FindLaw Jailbreak Guide, a Google Small Business Advisor and held positions for various ABA’s Practice Management marketing committees. A semi-professional bridge arsonist, Conrad enjoys publishing Cease and Desist letters from unscrupulous legal marketing vendors. He once bought the keyword, “mesothelioma lawyer” for $4.76. Conrad is the proud owner of Zippy, the first and only chicken to be awarded the Lawyers of Distinction Top 10% Award, which recognizes lawyers duped into buying a $700 annual subscription to a plaque.

My Sessions

Executing Your Marketing Plan: Are You Sure You Know What You’re Doing?

Grand CD North

You may think you know what you’re doing with marketing, but does your content marketing plan (if you have one) truly fit what you need? Are you targeting the right market with the right process? How can you scale up your marketing plan? Attendees in this session will explore best practices and worst nightmares as […]


Advanced Customer Relationship Management

Grand CD North

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is not email marketing. You’ve grown your business through solid marketing, and now it’s time to develop an advanced customer relationship management strategy that will attract more potential clients, generate referrals from current and past clients, while also keeping the clients you have and strengthening those relationships. In this session, you […]