Belle Walker

Belleview Consulting

Belle Walker is the Founder and Lead Consultant of Belleview Consulting. As the only Organizational Efficiency Engineer she knows, Belle takes her clients from Friction to Function™ by ensuring that their structures and processes are aligned with strategic goals. She works with clients in industries ranging from Tech to nonprofits and from professional services to cannabis to recapture lost efficiency and engagement.

Belleview consulting focuses primarily on Operating Models and Process Optimization, both of which are key to unlocking effective growth. Proactively designed and clearly communicated Operating Models (roles and responsibilities for individuals, scope and accountability for teams, cross team dependencies, and a unified terminology) enable and empower employees at all levels of an organization. Process optimization work centers around clear documentation, which drives alignment, reveals opportunities for improvement, and smooths onboarding for new employees. With the right operating model and effective processes, organizations can focus on expanding their product and service offerings, confident that they are ready for scale.

Prior to turning full time to consulting, Belle spent her career building and optimizing teams that were responsible for everything from complex operations balancing safety and efficiency to the cutting edge of AI and autonomous driving. Belle honed her skills at multi-billion dollar companies such as Google, where she managed the initial Street View vehicle rollout and built a nationwide aerial photography operation, and HERE Technologies, where she built the team responsible for both the operational creation and resulting quality of the HD maps created for use by autonomous vehicles. Merging project managers, data scientists, software engineers, systems engineers, and more, for HERE Technologies offered ample opportunity for Belle to hone and refine her organizational design and leadership skills. She also received a patent for the Quality Index, a mechanism that allows digital maps to be incorporated more effectively into autonomous vehicle environmental models.

Belle has also built Product Management and Marketing teams for small, closely held organizations such as Future Ads and The Plan9 Group. With a Mechanical Engineering bachelor’s degree from Harvard University and a Systems Engineering master’s degree from the University of Southern California, Belle leverages the engineering problem solving process to design and build the most complex systems possible: those comprised of individuals.

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