Bahar Ansari


Bahar is a lawyer, entrepreneur, writer, speaker, and podcast host.

Less than 16% of law firm partners in the U.S. are women and a fraction of that is a minority. Bahar is one of them. She was voted as the top 6 women in law changing the legal industry as we know it and has been featured in FORBES and LAW.com.

Iranian-born Bahar graduated with a doctorate in law from Whittier Law School and a Masters’s degree in Tax and International law from UCLA School of law. Bahar also holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism with a minor in business from Cal State Fullerton and is a California licensed attorney.

Over the last 10+ years in law, Bahar has helped hundreds of creative people from all over the world achieve their dreams. From Olympians and award-winning artists to Creators in technology, fashion, farming, and e-commerce.

Bahar first began her career as a litigation attorney and quickly realized that the law’s traditional practice was not for her. In 2016, she cofounded a disruptive legal technology company specializing in automation tools for lawyers. In 2018 she launched her true passion 2nd.law, a virtual law firm specializing in creative law.

Bahar regularly inspires audiences at the most prestigious conferences around the world. She speaks passionately about mastering happiness, unleashing creativity, and teaching people to #lawve what they do through creativity and innovation.

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