Andrew Elowitt

New Actions LLC

Andrew Elowitt specializes in leadership, talent, and career development for lawyers and legal executives in private practice, corporate legal departments, and government agencies. His firm, New Actions LLC, focuses on the people side of legal practice: how lawyers lead, manage, thrive, change, and find resilience and balance.

He is regarded as an expert in soft skills and the uses of emotional, social and conversational intelligences in leading, managing, and growing legal organizations of all sizes. As well as coaching individual lawyers on topics as diverse as business development, practice management, negotiation, productivity, and stress management; he frequently consults with firms on business, strategic, and succession planning matters.

Prior to becoming a practice management consultant and ICF Professional Certified Coach, Andrew practiced law for over 20 years both in firms and as a general counsel. He is a Fellow in the College of Law Practice Management and the author of many books and articles including “Lawyers as Managers: How to Be a Champion for Your Firm and Employees; “The Lawyer’s Guide to Professional Coaching: Leadership, Mentoring & Effectiveness”; and  winner of  the 2018 Robert P. Wilkins Award for Best Feature Article  “Is Managing Lawyers Like Herding Cats?”.

He has held several leadership positions in the legal community and is  the 2018-2021 Co-Chair of the American Bar Association’s Law Practice Publications Board.

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