Allan Mackenzie


Author, lecturer and 30 year veteran of the business and technical side of the practice of law, Allan Mackenzie shares his experience as the Director of Information Technology for a Wall Street white collar litigation boutique. Recognized for his “known-nonsense to no-nonsense” approach to practice management and technology, he has acted as architect and implementer of successful strategies that have won the hearts and minds of legal and technology professionals and created holistic solutions that move firms forward whether 1 or 600 strong.

Allan is a Clio® Certified Product Pro and has held certifications with Time Matters®, Pro Law®, and numerous others. A regular speaker and contributing author to legal and technology forums, he has lent his name to three national and international consultancies that focus on the technological efficiency of the legal profession. Prior to joining the consultancy sphere, Allan hung his hat at the Worldwide Training division of Microsoft® and Wang Laboratories® and has trained technical support and legal professionals in the United States, England, The United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Mexico, Australia and Japan. And while he has provided Acting CIO services for large firms, he still loves to roll up his sleeves and design document assembly automation in Microsoft Word.

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