Social media plays an important role at ABA TECHSHOW every year and it’s our attendees, faculty and vendors who make it a unique social experience for everyone. Last year our attendees set a new record by recording over 1,500 tweets using the Conference trend on Twitter, #ABATECHSHOW. It’s social media tools like Twitter that allow attendees to share their new insight, faculty to announce their upcoming session, vendors to promote their latest product, and you to stay up-to-date in legal technology year round.

If you actively use social media as a legal professional, ABA TECHSHOW is the best place for you to learn new social trends, network with other attendees, and engage your followers by sharing the lessons you’ve learned in the 50+ educational sessions. If you don’t use social media as a legal professional, or aren’t convinced lawyers can benefit from social networking, ABA TECHSHOW is the best place to start.

Why is Social Media for Lawyers?

Lawyers understand the value of building and maintaining relationships. In a profession that often depends on who you know, lawyers use social media as a way to extend their reach and communicate with new and old contacts, colleagues, and clients. Lawyers have always used the resources of their local bar association, but social media adds new value to building and maintaining relationships because of its ability to engage with a larger audience online.

Lawyers get noticed personally and professionally on social media. In a profession where reputation is paramount, lawyers use social media to share their good work with others. Lawyers who actively participate on social media accumulate a strong following and enhance their online reputation. In today’s competitive legal landscape, enhancing your reputation can lead to future business development success.